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Advertise your products or services to a highly targeted and prequalified group of people. Get rid of promotional spend wastage.

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TNW is a weekly travel trade publication for professional travel consultants, travel managers and those engaged in the sale and promotion of every facet of travel in Southern Africa. TNW is the only ABC-audited weekly publication of its kind in Southern Africa.

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eTNW is an electronic news service catering for the SA retail outbound travel trade. Registered readers have access to travel, destination and product news, updated daily.  A brief daily e-mail news alert, with headlines, links through to the news site. Banners and buttons link to advertisers’ websites.

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A weekly quick-read newspaper covering trade, transport, logistics and related issues. Distributed to importers, exporters and their service providers, FTW is an authoritative and insightful resource.

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A dynamic web-based portal offering freight information and daily news to its subscriber base of importers, exporters and freight service providers involved in Southern African trade.

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A news service for Corporate Travel Managers and Meetings Planners, emailed every morning and constantly updated through the day. How-to’s, travel alerts, conference specials, features, product news and other original Southern African content keeps readers up to date with all the latest developments in this sector.

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Build incoming tourism business by reaching tour operators overseas and destination management companies in Southern Africa through the daily updated resource Southern African Tourism Update.

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Southern Africa’s premier business-to-business website connecting suppliers and travel agents. This comprehensive reference directory of tourism products serves nearly 1 million pages per month to over 9 000 readers.

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Global destination guide that warns and informs!
Electronic subscriber-based travellers' advisory that comprises more than 300 city guides, customs information, alerting service and visa forms.

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Empower the travel trade to sell your products successfully!
Unique online training solution that enables tourism bodies and travel suppliers to educate the Southern African travel trade on their destinations and products.

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Aimed at the consumer looking to get out and about, Let’s Go South Africa’s most extensive database of events, attractions and travel specials. A great space to promote your products to an audience that has disposable income and is looking for entertainment options.

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Estates in Africa is a division of Now Media specialising in the contract publishing of estates magazines. This is a full service operation which runs the production, sales, editorial and printing of estate-specific publications. These titles offer estates residents a premium communication format for their community, while increasing the profile of the estate. Advertisers are able to target a premium market in either a single estate or across a variety of estates. Dainfern, Waterfall, Kyalami, Silver Lakes and Fourways Gardens are some of the estates for which we produce publications.