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Leverage 50 years of freight expertise, delivered daily online. Freight News provides Southern African importers, exporters, and logistics providers with the latest industry news, insights, and analysis to stay informed, gain a competitive edge, and connect with key decision-makers. 

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Freight expertise at your fingertips. Weekly online features dive deep into trade, transport & logistics, then curate a monthly printed compendium for importers & exporters. Get expert analysis, stay informed, make smarter decisions.


Travel News is a daily online trade publication for professional travel consultants, travel managers and those engaged in the sale and promotion of every facet of travel in Southern Africa. Travel News leverages off its predecessor, Travel News Weekly's, 53 years of engaging with the travel trade as the premium regional  travel trade publication. This publication is established, engaged and respected. 

Travel News Features are  authoritative and insightful and are produced weekly covering destinations, holiday types and other travel and related topics. Features are produced and distributed online in a pdf format the week they are released. At month-end features are added to a printed compendium and distributed to travel agents and the travel industry. The distribution is similar to the previous distribution of Travel News Weekly.


Build incoming tourism business by reaching tour operators overseas and destination management companies in Southern and East Africa through the highly regarded daily updated tourism news and resource, Southern & East African Tourism Update. The publication comes out with daily news and weekly features.


Travelinfo is Southern Africa’s premier business-to-business website, connecting suppliers and travel agents. This comprehensive reference directory of tourism products serves nearly 800 000 pages per month to over 9 000 readers.

Travelinfo Workshops empowers the travel trade to sell your products successfully!
A unique online training solution that enables tourism bodies and travel suppliers to educate the Southern African travel trade on their destinations and products.

Travelinfo Plus is a global destination guide that warns and informs!
Electronic subscriber-based travellers' advisory that comprises more than 300 city guides, customs information, an alerting service and visa forms.

EngineerIT is your essential guide to the engineering, technology, automation, control, measurement, electronics, and ICT sectors in South Africa. Designed for industry professionals and enthusiasts, we offer up-to-the-minute online news and a monthly PDF magazine packed with in-depth technical articles and insightful analyses. Whether you're seeking the latest industry developments or innovative trends shaping the future, EngineerIT provides the knowledge and insights needed to stay ahead in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Join our community and stay informed with EngineerIT.

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Energize – the independent power and energy journal of Southern Africa – is a business-to-business journal serving the electric power and energy sectors of Southern Africa. The publication is published every second week rotating through themes; Generation, Renewables and Storage, Transmission & Distribution Networks and Equipment, and Lighting and Application. Articles are also published on its website. E-mail newsletters are sent out twice a week.

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